22-24 mei 2024 – Bern

The GBR Master Course 2024 by Buser & Friends

The GBR Master Course 2024 by Buser & Friends

The traditional and internationally well-known GBR Master Course has been offered by my team at the University of Bern since 2001. Due to the pandemic and due to my move to a private clinic in early 2021, the GBR Master Course has gotten a complete face-lift and is now offered through the Buser & Sculean Academy.
The first and most important change is the hybrid set-up allowing besides the traditional on-site participation also an online participation with a live or on-demand streaming using the latest technology. Most attractive the on-demand Streaming for 3 months. This allows a world-wide knowledge sharing to colleagues and peers, in particular for the young generation of dentists. The second change is the reputation and quality of the faculty, since I was able to invite 5 international top speakers to enrich the program with online lectures.
The faculty is absolutely world-class!

        – Prof. em. Dr. Daniel Buser

Lecture topics

– Surgical key-factors influencing the long-term stability of implants
– Implant selection: Why Hybrid Design Implants? The new TLC implant by Straumann
– Tooth extraction and implant therapy: What are the treatment options?
– Bone healing in membrane-protected defects
– Tooth extraction and socket grafting for Alveolar Ridge Preservation, followed by implant placement
– Horizontal and vertical ridge augmentation using the sausage technique
– Digital technology for treatment planning and fabrication of surgical stents
– Immediate implant placement: When and how to do?
– The power of autogenous bone chips: The concept of Bone Conditioned Medium (BCM)
– Biological properties of bone grafts and bone substitutes
– Early implant placement with simultaneous Contour Augmentation using GBR
– Long-term stability of implants placed with GBR: The London experience
– GBR procedures in the mandible: Step-by-step procedure
– GBR procedures in complex situations
– GBR for peri-implantitis defects: How to select, how to treat?

Buser and friends GBR Master course